UX Marine sets sail for Singapore: Expanding horizons with the UX spin

Cape Town, South Africa - In a significant leap towards global expansion, UX Marine is thrilled to announce that our latest masterpiece, the UX spin, is embarking on a journey to Singapore. This marks a pivotal moment for us, not just as a company but as a beacon of innovation in the maritime industry

A strategic move to South East Asia

The decision to introduce the UX spin to Singapore is more than just a geographical expansion; it's a strategic alignment with our parent company, UX habitat, based in South East Asia. This move signifies our commitment to growth, evolution, and continual innovation. With the UX spin's arrival in Singapore, we are set to open new markets and explore unprecedented opportunities in this dynamic region

Exciting plans ahead

This venture is just the tip of the iceberg. We have ambitious plans for South East Asia, so we encourage everyone to keep a watchful eye on what's next from UX Marine. As we continue to push boundaries and redefine maritime luxury, our presence in Singapore is poised to be a game-changer

A seamless journey with Afrikan Logistics

Transporting the UX spin to Singapore is a complex task, and for this, we've partnered with Cape Town-based Afrikan Logistics. Their expertise in logistics has made this process smooth and efficient. Working with Rita and her team has been a pleasure, and we're excited about this budding partnership. We look forward to shipping more of our boats with them in the future

Afrikan Logistics: A testament to exceptional service

Afrikan Logistics offers more than just transportation; they provide an end-to-end solution that includes port-to-door logistics, warehousing, and distribution centre functionality. This comprehensive service allows them and their clients, to focus on their core business while they handle the complexities of shipping.

"We assist importers and exporters in minimizing unforeseen shipment costs and delays, striving to reduce their freight costs," says Rita. Their commitment to understanding and meeting the logistical needs of their clients, including UX Marine, is evident. They aim to contribute to their clients' profitability and growth, a philosophy that resonates with our values at UX marine

A new chapter begins

As the UX spin makes its way to Singapore, we're not just transporting a boat; we're carrying a vision, a dream, and a promise of innovation and excellence. This is a landmark moment for UX Marine, and we're excited to share every step of this journey with our community

Stay tuned for more updates as we bring the luxury and innovation of UX Marine to the shores of South East Asia