UX Marine directors explore exciting prospects in Malaysia with Johor Yacht and Recreational Club (JYRC)

Location: Johor Yacht and Recreational Club, Malaysia

In an exciting development for UX Marine, our directors embarked on a journey to Malaysia on the 14th of September , 2023, to explore potential strategic partnerships with the renowned Johor Yacht and Recreational Club (JYRC). This fruitful meeting marked the beginning of a promising collaboration, as both parties delved into a range of exciting topics


Showroom at JYRC Marina

One of the key discussions revolved around the possibility of establishing a showroom at the prestigious JYRC marina for our latest boat models. This strategic location would not only provide an excellent platform for showcasing our cutting-edge boats but would also allow enthusiasts and potential customers to experience them in the stunning backdrop of JYRC's picturesque marina

"The idea of having a dedicated showroom at JYRC's marina is an incredible opportunity to connect with our clientele on a personal level," commented Eugene Mercado, one of UX Marine's directors. "It not only enhances our brand visibility but also reinforces our commitment to delivering top-notch boats to this thriving community”


Utilising the shipyard at JYRC for UX Marine boats maintenance

Efficient boat maintenance and repairs are pivotal in ensuring customer satisfaction. During the meeting, the discussion naturally extended to the utilisation of JYRC's well-equipped shipyard for boat kitting up and warranty repairs. This potential partnership could significantly enhance our after-sales services, assuring our customers of top-tier support and maintenance

Mike Johnston further added, "Collaborating with JYRC for boat kitting up and repairs aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing exceptional post-purchase support. It's a win-win situation for both parties, as we tap into JYRC's expertise and infrastructure”


UX Marine boats for charters between Malaysia and Singapore

Lastly, the meeting explored the exciting prospect of utilising our boats for charters, connecting both Malaysia and Singapore. The strategic location of JYRC makes it an ideal launchpad for exploring these breathtaking waters. This initiative not only broadens our business horizons but also caters to the growing demand for premium charters in this region

"We see this as an opportunity to offer a unique experience to adventure-seekers and travellers, while also boosting our brand presence in both Malaysia and Singapore”

The trip to JYRC was more than just a meeting; it was the commencement of a partnership that holds immense potential for UX Marine. Both parties are enthusiastic about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead. As discussions continue, we remain committed to delivering excellence in boat manufacturing and services to our valued customers

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey as we continue to explore the open waters of opportunity with Johor Yacht and Recreational Club. Together, we sail towards a brighter and more exhilarating future

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