UX Marine debuts the game-changing UX Spin at Boatica Cape Town Boat Show

In a defining moment for the boating industry, UX Marine is thrilled to introduce the revolutionary UX Spin, a pinnacle of sport fishing vessels, at the Boatica Cape Town Boat Show from October 27th to 29th, 2023. The UX Spin reflects the company's commitment to blend traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde technology, creating a niche in the marine world.


Innovation meets elegance in sport fishing

UX Marine, celebrated for its artisanal excellence, operates from its state-of-the-art facility located against the stunning backdrop of False Bay, Eastern Cape Peninsula. The company's unique approach to boat building comes under the esteemed leadership of CEO Dr. Mike Johnston, a veteran innovator with a diverse background spanning telecommunications, finance, and nuclear physics.


"Our customisable range of boats is a testament to our passion for catering to the thrill-seeking sea adventurer. The UX Spin is not just a boat; it's a carefully curated experience for fishing enthusiasts," expressed Master Boat builder Richey Rumble, reflecting the excitement surrounding the 17.6 feet marvel.


Serendipity and shared visions: The birth of UX Marine

The inception of UX Marine stemmed from serendipitous interactions and a shared vision for revolutionising marine craft. Dr. Johnston's meeting with co-founder Eugene and Craig in Singapore marked the beginning of this ambitious journey. Backed by UX Habitat, the venture transformed from concept to reality in June 2023, setting a rapid pace in establishing a comprehensive operational framework.


A global journey anchored in South African excellence

Post its debut, UX Marine anticipates broadening its reach from Asia-Pacific regions to luxurious resort destinations, reinforcing its belief in South African craftsmanship. With plans for expanded production and a diverse speedboat range, the company eyes a significant imprint on the international marine industry.


UX Marine extends an invitation to witness this innovative leap at the Boatica Cape Town Boat Show, promising a glimpse into the future of marine craftsmanship.


Dedicated to the craft: The dream team

Passion is at the helm of UX Marine's values, not just in their vessels but also in investing in the next generation of marine craftsmen. Their 'Dream Team' initiative stands as a testament to this dedication.

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