UX Marine celebrates the launch of the UX Spin at the Boatica boat show

Cape Town, South Africa – On the 27th of October 2023 a significant milestone for UX marine was unveiled. Our latest marvel, the UX spin was revealed, at the highly anticipated Boatica boat show held at the iconic V&A Waterfront

Friday: Building community connections

The event kicked off on Friday, giving us a fantastic opportunity to mingle with vendors, media, and enthusiasts in the boating community. The atmosphere was electric, filled with excitement and camaraderie, as we built rapport with peers who share our passion for maritime innovation

Saturday: The grand unveiling

The arrival of the UX Spin turned heads, drawing a crowd eager to witness the culmination of our team’s dedication and hard work. The UX Spin, a stunning blend of elegance and cutting-edge technology, truly embodied the spirit of innovation that UX Marine stands for. Attendees were captivated, and the overwhelming interest and admiration for our creation were a testament to our team’s skill and hard work

Celebrating success and looking ahead

The launch was more than just a display of a new product; it was a celebration of human connection, shared laughter, and exquisite tastes. We were honored to welcome guests who stopped by, sharing stories and forging new friendships

This milestone is just the beginning for UX Marine. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of marine technology and design, ensuring that our future endeavors will continue to amaze and inspire

Gratitude and acknowledgments

A heartfelt thank you to the Boatica team for their impeccable organization and hospitality. Their effort in bringing the boating community together for this event was nothing short of remarkable. We also extend our deepest gratitude to every member of the UX Marine family. This achievement was made possible by your tireless dedication and belief in our vision

Together, we sail into a promising future, charting a course towards innovation and excellence in the world of boating. Stay tuned for more groundbreaking developments from UX Marine, where the journey has only just begun