The Future Voyage of Scots Wha Hae from Singapore to Phuket and Back

In an upcoming venture that speaks volumes of innovation and the spirit of exploration, UX Marine's inaugural masterpiece, the UX Spin named Scots Wha Hae, is poised to undertake a groundbreaking journey. Scheduled to set sail next Tuesday, 21st of March, this voyage from Singapore to Phuket and back is not just a trip—it's a bold declaration of the vessel's prowess and a testament to the adventurous spirit that UX Marine embodies

Covering a remarkable distance of 1060 nautical miles, the itinerary includes strategic stopovers at Port Dickson, Pangkor Island, Langkawi, Koh Lipe, and finally, Phuket, before making the return journey to the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. These stops are carefully chosen not only for their breathtaking beauty but also for their ability to showcase the UX Spin's adaptability and performance across diverse marine landscapes

At the forefront of this ambitious expedition is Eugene, one of the visionary founders of UX Marine, whose expertise and passion for maritime adventures will steer the Scots Wha Hae through this challenging route. His leadership underscores the company's commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons

The UX Spin, with its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, stands ready to face the open seas. Equipped with a GRP 17 degree dead rise hull, the vessel promises unmatched stability and performance. Its comprehensive navigation and safety systems, including the Garmin 9” EcoMap UHD and full SVX 33 buoyancy, ensure a secure and enjoyable journey. The boat's meticulously designed layout and features, such as the Suzuki DF 100 engine and hydraulic sea star steering, combine efficiency with luxury, making it an ideal companion for the seas

This upcoming journey of the Scots Wha Hae from Singapore to Phuket and back is more than a demonstration of endurance and capability; it's a message to all sea enthusiasts and adventurers. It highlights the UX Spin as not just a means of transportation but as a vessel that offers an affordable, reliable, and exhilarating way to experience the waters around Singapore

As the Scots Wha Hae prepares to embark on this voyage, it carries with it the aspirations and dreams of many who yearn to explore the vastness of the sea. This trip stands as a beacon of innovation, adventure, and the relentless pursuit of discovering what lies beyond the horizon. Join us in anticipation of this exciting journey as we set sail towards new adventures, strengthening our bond with the sea and redefining the essence of exploration