The factory

UX Marine has been fortunate to have what we call ‘The Dream Team’. In a few short months
at UX Marine, our guys have formed a close bond and have the camaraderie that most businesses
can only strive to have. With Richey Rumble’s knowledge and their willingness to learn, UX
Marine has it all

We have taken the unconventional route, hand picking our guys not by their skills with
fibreglass and boat building, but more on their knowledge and experience with boats. In Richey’s
opinion and experience as a business owner, it is easier to teach someone who doesn’t know
anything about fibreglass and composites, than attempting to teach someone who has been
taught incorrectly, or those who have picked up bad habits

Working with fibreglass and composites is not for everyone. Where our guys lack in experience,
they make up for with a dedication and determination to be apart of something incredible, and the
added bonus of learning skills from their leader who has 35 plus years of knowledge and
experience to share

These young men have grown up on boats and know the significance of how safety at sea is of
the utmost importance. With Richey working alongside them and under his guidance, they are
throwing all they have into building the kind of seacrafts that even the most experienced boat
builders would be proud to put their name on

At UX Marine, we not only take pride in the construction of our vessels, we take immense
pride in training the marine industry’s future craftsmen