Spotlight on leadership: Dr. Mike Johnston’s voyage with UX Marine

A glimpse into Dr. Mike’s odyssey

Our CEO, Dr. Mike Johnston, isn’t just another name in the marine world. With over 25 years of experience in ushering groundbreaking products for the telecommunications and financial sectors, his depth of knowledge is formidable. Not stopping at that, he’s also a distinguished alumnus of Manchester University, UK, holding a PhD in Nuclear Physics. Interestingly, his academic pursuits also ventured into the noble realm of medical physics, particularly in breast cancer research

The origin story of UX Marine

The inception of UX Marine wasn’t just a business decision; it was the culmination of shared visions. Craig’s acquisition of a fibreglass speedboat mould many years earlier became the catalyst. When Dr. Mike crossed paths with Craig at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, the two discovered their mutual passion. Talks of investments began, and by June 2023, with financial backing from parent company UX Habitat, UX Marine was launched. Within a month, this venture had everything from a factory to a dynamic team in place. Dr. Mike, with his acumen in business startups, assumed the dual roles of CEO and director for both UX Habitat and UX Marine

The bonds that built the business

Some call it serendipity. Eugene, another pivotal figure in our narrative, had a chance meeting with Craig’s boss in Indonesia. A few introductions and months later, Eugene and Craig became friends, leading to a business venture in South Africa. It was a whirlwind of activities, from meeting the master boat builder, Richey, to setting up a robust business framework. The underlying thread? An unwavering trust among all partners

Sailing towards a bright horizon with UX Marine

The future gleams bright for UX Marine. With the debut of our first boat at the Cape Town Boat Show in October 2023, we’re set on a journey to global recognition. Our aim? To cater to a broad market encompassing regions from Asia-Pacific like Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand to resort destinations such as Seychelles and Maldives. While we’ve contemplated setting up production units elsewhere, the excellence that South Africa offers is unmatched. We envision expanding our speedboat range and target producing up to 10 units monthly. This ambition sees us growing into a $30 million venture, a testament to the dedication and vision of our team, led by Dr. Mike. With plans to expand our facilities in Cape Town, we’re always on the lookout for opportunities and investments that align with our growth trajectory.

The journey of UX Marine, under Dr. Mike’s stewardship, is more than just about boats—it’s about crafting unparalleled marine experiences, redefining luxury, and setting new benchmarks in the marine industry