Director’s feature: Eugene Mercado

Hailing from Mexico, I’ve traversed the globe both professionally and personally, with footprints in Canada, Switzerland, Thailand, New Zealand, and now Singapore. Early memories of the ocean’s call were rekindled while sailing the lakes of Chilliwack, British Columbia, and the expansive waters around New Zealand. This led to a multifaceted maritime career: from being a SCUBA instructor and marine electrician to pioneering maritime apps and representing ship registries from Poland and San Marino in Singapore

My entrepreneurial spirit shone brightly on Thailand’s Phi Phi Island, where I owned a dive shop and a lively hostel, both staples for visitors and locals alike. Parallel to my marine ventures, I’ve carved a niche in the design and internet industry over an impressive span of 18 years

Holding pivotal roles in global enterprises, my work has reached the shores of South East Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, and the South Pacific. At the heart of it all, my 1968 steel ketch “Mintaka” stands testament to my passion and persistence—rehabilitated over three years and serving as my current residence

In my downtime, you’d often spot me exploring Singapore’s coastal gems with my wife, our Frenchie, Hamish, and a close-knit group of friends

How you know the other directors & how UX marine came to be the company?

UX marine was conceived when Craig, a fellow shareholder, shared his vision of boat manufacturing and mentioned the availability of a mould in South Africa. Recognising the potential, I advised that the venture’s success hinges on securing an investor who believes in the dream and can establish a well-equipped factory

Subsequently, I connected Craig with an investor, a close friend and former colleague of mine from my New Zealand times. Following a casual meeting and some deliberation, our journey led us to Cape Town a few weeks later. There, we met Richey, our third partner, for the first time

As the Director of R&D and Expansion at UX habitat and Naval UX Director at UX marine, my primary responsibility is overseeing international business relations, nurturing partnerships, enhancing brand reputation, and spearheading capital raising initiatives

What aspirations do you have for the future of Ux marine?

For UX marine, the goal is to expand into the South East Asian markets by this year’s end. By the second quarter of 2024, I envisage making inroads into resort markets in the Seychelles, Maldives, and Madagascar.  I also aim to close the year by making our first sale in the ANZAC region

Regarding UX habitat, the parent company of UX marine, I anticipate consolidating other segments we’re currently exploring and evolving within the marine tech industry in Singapore